Monday, 27 August 2012

Dupuytren's in the paper, weight loss and cold feet!

Several little things to talk about today but nothing too major. 


First of all on my battle with beating the bulge that is my belly. I am happy to say that in the last 3 weeks I have lost a stone and gone from struggling to do 5 miles on the exercise bike to pumping out 10 miles yesterday and I am staying highly motivated towards losing this weight. 


Ok so I don't really feel the cold but have reported many times on how the cold makes my foot worse and this last weekend I was at the cricket in Cardiff where it always seems to be cold, towards the end of the day my feet were feeling freezing even if the rest of me felt ok. My foot was hurting a bit but nothing like I would expect for this kind of cold and the next day my foot was perfectly ok. 

The next thing nicely follows on the the cricket bit above. 
Aggers has Dupuytren's

Anyone here who watches cricket on a regular basis will have heard of Aggers (Jonathan Agnew) he is involved a lot with the cricket and comes across as a nice guy. Well the Daily Mail here in the UK picked up on this and as pointed out by the British Dupuytren's Society this was published over the weekend. 

Aggers said that this has been his biggest test and I think it is well worth reading the article to see his point of view on this condition. 

It is interesting to hear that he thinks that the repeated trauma of getting hit on the hands by the cricket ball may have at least partially caused the onset of this condition and comments that others such as Gooch and Gower have it, but to be honest I think that the more important factor is that he has a family history of this with a cousin also having the condition so it is likely in his genetics.


  1. It is useful to know of a famous person who has DD, and especially interesting if it affects a lot of former top cricketers. It will help publicise these painful diseases. I remember Aggers when he was a cricketer, he has always seemed a nice chap. Maybe you could get in touch with him?