Friday, 8 June 2012

The post radiotherapy pain

I am not into my second week of work post radiotherapy and I was saying last week how things were going and that really I was just waiting to see an improvement but that is not how things are at the moment.

This week has actually been one of the worst weeks that I have had in terms of the amount of pain that I am suffering from on a day to day basic from walking and standing. At work I have regularly nearly been in tears from the pain of walking around, this has not been helped by one of our cold rooms breaking so I have to travel 10 times as far to get some stuff. I also had to hand in a form which meant walking to another building and then there is the normal regular day to day stuff that I have to put up with on top of that. 

I am coping but only just. I am not sure what to do. The pain is intense and I hate to complain and moan all the time (sorry to those that I am complaining and moaning to) but I guess I am just going to have to try to keep on hoping that I start to see an improvement and keep collecting as much information as I can to help as many other people as possible whilst trying to minimise my walking and standing. 

The problem is that there are things that I have to walk and stand for and it is not just standing for an hour it is getting up every five minutes and then standing for an hour and if nothing else it gets you down and really makes you not want to stand up. Then again this week the pain just seems to be getting worse and worse, I guess the best way of explaining it is that on Monday it hurts say 9 at midday and then Tuesday it will be like that at 11am and then Wednesday 10am etc so it gets progressively worse throughout the week and it is getting to the point where something has got to give as it continues to hurt a lot when I am seated.

I am not the only one that has this kind of problem though. Although slightly different I have been reading on the Dupuytren's Society forum where someone who is having radiotherapy for Dupuytren's is suffering from increased pain and the thing seems to be hoping that it is the storm before the calm. 

I do have a mostly nice and relaxing weekend planned of sitting on the computer, watching sport, cooking a cake and then taking that cake to my parents for my sisters 21st birthday party and maybe it will help to take my mind off of my foot if nothing  else. 

Have a good weekend everyone. 

Hopefully the cake will look a little something like this: