Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Continued Pain after radiotherapy for Ledderhose

I wrote last week about how my foot has been bad since about a week after I finished radiotherapy and this has continued into this week (yes the capital P in Pain in the title was intentional). The pain is bad and some people are starting to realise just how bad whilst others are obliviousness and the GP was as ever unhelpful.

I went to the GP this morning to get some more co-codamol as this is the on thing that seems to take the pain away even though that is by sending me to sleep. Still it means I can take it in the evenings and I don't have pain getting to sleep. So I went to the GP, this is the same GP that refused to give me pain killers last time when I was on nothing that helped.

So I went in and explained that when I was at the foot specialist last time I was given some stronger pain killers and that although these help I end up asleep and I can't take them at work. I then went on to say how at work I am in a lot of pain and I can't take the pain killers. He just gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. To be honest I was happy to get out there with more pain killers given what happened last time. The thing was though he just didn't seem to care, he didn't acknowledge that I was using a walking stick, he didn't show any sympathy for the fact I am in a lot of pain at work and made no suggestions and didn't offer to try different pain killers and I thought Doctors were supposed to want to do whatever they can to help?

Anyway I am in continued pain from last week, I am struggling to walk and therefore struggling to do my job but for the moment at least I am going on in hope of seeing some benefits from radiotherapy which can't come soon enough. I was regularly close to tears on several occasions today, this is something which can't gone on and I am going to to have to book an appointment with an alternative Doctor to see if they have any better ideas or at least will listen to me. 

On a positive note I was left a really nice comment on my last post today. People leaving comments saying that this blog has helped means a lot as that is the main reason for me doing it. Thank you to anyone who has left a comment and indeed to anyone in the future who leaves one.

Sam said:
"I just wanted to say thanks for having this blog, I was recently diagnosed with plantar fibromatosis and the amount of information in regards to dealing with this disease is very minimal on the internet.

I was prescribed verapamil ointment which I rub on my lump twice a day, have only been on it for a week now but have high hopes this helps as the other options in America are lacking. It seems straight up radiation treatment isn't even offered in the US, only after post-surgery. Anywho I will be watching and hoping for good news on your progress"