Friday, 1 June 2012

Noticeable change after Radiotherapy - Just not the desired one yet

Just a short and quick post for now. I will be having a look at the Pfizer it's in your hands thing over the long weekend but for now... 

I just wanted to say that I was looking at my foot thing evening and I noticed that I have a clear ring, almost a tanned area where I had the radiotherapy. It was interesting to see this has not shown up and I am intrigued to see how I improve from here, not that this appearance in any way means that it will work. 

So can you see it? On the left is the radiated side and on the right non-radiated side, I have made this clearer below with some arrows pointing towards to the line where line is. This is very obvious in person but pictures aren't great.

I think that the circle is quite obvious on this picture but for anyone who can't see it, look down (not at the floor but down the page)

Think it is really clear on this one.

Very clear in this one.