Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sports watching day!

I am now sitting in bed on a bright sunny Sunday morning and my wife is due back home after only having one lesson this morning and then she doesn't have another one until 4pm or there about. Don't get me wrong I am content today to stay in and watch the French Open (which I am at the moment) and then watch the cricket (which I will be in 10minutes and that will be on the laptop so I can have the tennis on muted) and then at 1pm the Formula One starts so will probably turn off the tennis and mute the cricket after they are back out from lunch, but at the same time as I think all of that is amazing I would also love to go out for a walk.

We live a matter of minutes away from the beach, I am tempted to suggest that we wonder down and sit in the sun for a little bit though I of course have to keep my trainers on and my feet protected from the sun. However my foot is not being nice to me this morning or indeed since finishing Radiotherapy.

I have not been on my feet much and think this is a rather ominous sign for going back to work tomorrow. I am hardly on my feet, hardly doing anything but I am in a lot of pain once I get going and this can't bode well. I don't know if it is the application of the E45 and this rubbing of the lump is causing some of the pain or whether it is just the Ledderhose putting up a fight before going away (fingers crossed).

Anyway a day of resting and sport watching should help cheer me up and only 4 hours of teaching for my wife means she can watch the F1 as well but more importantly it means that she is around.