Monday, 23 April 2012

Today and a book

Today was an interesting day. My foot did hurt from the point that I got up, not too bad, but more like the pain I am used to at 10 or 11am rather than 7am. Still I progressed and of course could not take pain killers as I didn't want to fall asleep. It sure would be nice if they made some pain killers that worked and didn't make me drift off, I'll have to ask next time I am at the doctors.

Annoyingly for me I then found that the pain increased throughout the day to the point then when I got home I had dinner, got this post ready, go ready for bed and took the pain killers. Really this cannot continue and hopefully it will not have to.

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So I have now passed 150 blog posts, hopefully that means there is lots of useful information on the blog now and I would like to think that with sections on my experience as well as others in the interviews, on the treatments and the science as well as all the other stuff I have covered it must be useful for some people. I think that the increasing usefulness of the blog is being reflected in to the increasing demand, I have already passed my highest previous month and it is only the 23rd and the previous best month had 31 days, in fact this month I have enjoyed a lot of support and have been averaging over 100 page views, thank you everyone.

I am also hoping that I can make my posts into a collection, so like an e-book of my opinions on Ledderhose, note not a medical book as I am not a doctor but I have written a lot here. I have actually made most of it into this format already and it just requires some tweaking before I use it. Not sure how to publish it, it would be nice if people would have to make a £2 donation or something to get all of the information collated together in one simple PDF as the information is still available on here so it is not like I am stopping people from accessing it I am just asking for some acknowledgement that putting it together has actually taken a lot of time and effort.

If anybody knows of a way of doing this I would be grateful if you would contact me... If not I will be looking into the options as I know that places like Amazon allow you to do this but take 30% of the cost plus more and there must be some better options out there and they expect things to be much more professional. Basically am I asking for a way of me able to sell the PDF file on here no strings attached and the person gets the PDF straight away?