Sunday, 22 April 2012

Run, fun, shop, pain, sleep

This is my last post for the weekend and it is going to be about my weekend and how it went.

Firstly there was the run. The run was really good and everyone did such a great job. As I have said people run and people walked and gave out leaflets (I did get my highest number of page views for a couple of weeks yesterday) and people came to support as well which was really nice even unexpected people turned up.

There was a downside to the run, my foot. My foot was really hurting by the end of the run even though I tried to sit in a folding chair as much as I could and I had my stick out from pretty much the start of the day I still had to put more weight than I would like on my foot. Still it was amazing of everyone to get together and do all of this for me to get my treatment and to raise money for the British Dupuytren's Society.

Yesterday afternoon I set about sorting out the blog, I got rid or relocated a lot of the junk from the side of the blog which was there initially to get the blog up search ranking but now the content is more than capable of doing that. I have also updated the links and made it so that the blog now has more of a website feel but with the constant stream of personal updates. I managed to do one of my updates for the British Dupuytren's Society which is now awaiting review by them.

My evening last night took a bad turn though, whilst making dinner ready for my wife's imminent arrival my lump kicked off and I had to take my pain killers about 8pm, this led to me being drowsy from 9pm and I was happily snoring away by 10pm which even for me is a little early. 

This morning I could still feel where I had been on my feet yesterday morning but I then managed to make a shop for this blog. Well at the moment it only has two designs which are Gary's Feet and I have Ledderhose Disease. If you want me to make a design for you along these lines let me know and I will see what I can do. Who knows if you wear an "I have Ledderhose Disease" top then someone might ask about it and that is one more person who knows about it and you have helped to raise awareness.