Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pain, pain go away

Wow, ok so the pain this evening was excruciation every step was literally like I was having a spike jammed into the arch of my foot. I am not sure what triggered this as I had a fairly relaxed day, sure my 3 year old nephew sat on me for a while but nothing really. This pain lasted, well has so far lasted a couple of hours and I hate it. I mean how am I supposed to work tomorrow if this lasts? I can't stand and I always have to stand and walk a bit there is just no other way of doing the job.

This pain that I am talking about was so bad that when we left my parents today I made it all of 5m into the 100m walk (I am just guessing the distances there) before I knew and my wife could tell that I had to stop and she had to go and get the car and pick me up. This was very depressing as this is by FAR the worst that it has gotten and I just can't stand. I mean the pain was actually kicking off from the vibrations from the car on the way home from my parents.

I am now home in bed, I have taken pain killers in case they might actually do something for once and I hope that tomorrow I can get up and that I can go to work for the morning as don't forget that the specialist appointment is in the afternoon.