Friday, 2 March 2012

Is there another with Ledderhose

I'm going to start today with a quick post from an interesting talk that I had with a colleague at work, he'd said before about a lump in his foot that he'd had removed and I'd never asked questions....until now.

So first of all I asked him how big the lump was and he said it was only about the size if a pea and that he was in enough pain from it to limp. This got me interested and I started to ask if he knew what the condition was called, he didn't but I kept on asking questions anyway.

I'll try and sum it up by saying that they first try to remove this lump by scraping it away, this could be a language barrier (his first language is not English) thing but then again he said it grew back straight away so they removed the lump. It was just a small lump and it was just the lump that was removed, I forgot to ask how long ago but it was at least a couple of years and he has no limp and no lump. He said he was on crutches for a couple of weeks and that he has a big scar and that post OP time was very painful.

The conversation had actually started because he'd asked about my foot and he asked me why I haven't had surgery. So I explained about how invasive it can be or how it is highly likely to come back? His response was that he must have got lucky and you know what...I agree I think he had ledderhose and was one of the few lucky ones where when they have had it removed it hasn't come back. Also if he did have ledderhose it makes you wonder just how rate it is?....