Sunday, 25 March 2012

Foot pain identifiers - are they not working?

So there are lots of different things that crop up on the internet when you are trying to identify just what that pain in your foot is, so I thought I would see how many I can find and which ones tell me I have the right disease. Contenders ready? (FYI the places mostly don't have a clue about LD and I think the problem is because they are shops they only highlight things that they have treatments for, surely it is best to let the customer know what is wrong with them rather than sell them things that they are going to have to return because they will not help???) - So this is the first one that I came across, for starters it doesn't really have the right part of the foot so I just put in "arch pain" and I think it thinks that I have plantar fasciitis - FAIL

Foot Education - So this one starts off well and you first pick which side of your foot is hurting, I picked plantar  and you then pick which part of your foot is hurting from the view they give. I was unclear as to exactly which bit was the bit for me but I clicked on the bit that encompassed the centre and up popped plantar fibroma (with a few others). I could then click on my chosen disease (I picked PF, shocking I know). This then took me to a PF page and whilst there was some useful information on there it basically said that if painful and orthotics don't work then have surgery. It lists complications of surgery but fails to mention that it might come back. Some SUCCESS. Would be nice if they had other treatments listed and perhaps some more details.

Best Insoles - Has nice fancy graphics but picked the red spot right where my lump is and up came good old plantar fasciitis again. FAIL

DocPods - Has in my opinion so very unhelpful graphics but I did click on the arch and was told arch pain is often caused my plantar fasciitis. FAIL

Foot Care Company - Best they had was high archers - Next please... FAIL. 

Pod Link - Again nothing close here, did have plantar fasciitis and the interactive tool was nice. FAIL.

Toesocks - Again couldn't find what I was looking for. FAIL.

foot scientific - Again this one looks good and seems to have more disease and things present than a lot of the other sites but doesn't list our lesser known Ledderhose. FAIL.

Ok so for now at least these are all the ones that I could find, if you know of more then please let me know. So now what are the results? 1 in 8 of the sites actually had plantar fibroma listed but suggested that surgery should be the option of choice when it gets painful which goes against a lot of advice that I have been given.

I am not sure if this is because these places are trying to sell us things and can't sell us anything for this condition or because it just isn't that well known. I am thinking that maybe I should e-mail a few of these and  say can you please add this? It might help people.

Thanks for reading.