Saturday, 24 March 2012

Comments welcome

It is always nice when people comment on the blog, whether it is just with some friendly advice or whether it is to say thanks and recently I have noticed a bit of an increase in this and so I thought I would say thanks to everyone who has commented on here, those whom I do not know especially as I can't do it in person. It means a lot to know that there are people out there reading this blog and that hopefully it is helping you. Some people are telling their story and others just giving support, also a big thank you to the Old Bad and the Purple Butterfly for their comments and my Mum for hers as well. Of course where possible I have replied and tried to help.

So here are some of the comments: 

"thanks for the blog!" By Pay per Head. 

This is a very beautiful and interesting research The most educating one i have read today!  by John.

 "I can feel on what you feel on that pain. I also suffer it once for a couple of hours too and I hate that day. Pain can really stops our life's production and I think all of us don't want it to have." by Arthritis pain relief. 

"I believe I also have Plantar Fibroma on both feet but my right foot is the worse. Initially they did not cause any problem but in the last few years they have grown and now I find it difficult to wear my orthotics so instead wear very supportive footwear. My Doctors do not know what I have so this is why I am researching it. My cousin has the same thing and has been operated on twice. He said it is an inherited disease. Lately, I find my feet are sore when I first stand up. I am very athletic for my age of 61 so this is starting to annoy me. Hopefully, they won't develop further since the outcome does not look promising." By Karen

"Great article, thank you..... " By Nona

"Hi, I am 36, the lumps started wen I was 2 years old. Eveyone has them in my family..mother,aunts,uncles, my Daughter has them. She is 14 and plays sports. She had surgery last year on hers; I thaught since hers was real small, like the size of your finger nail, that she could get it removed easy. Its been one year and it now covers her entire arch. I wish I had never let a doctor touch it. But now what do I do it is growing faster every day.Is there a Specialist somewhere near North Carolina? Please help! " By Anon

"Appreciate your efforts and fantastic blog" by dermal filler

When I am having really bad days or wondering if my blog is reaching people seeing comments like the above helps, knowing that people want to ask me a question or want to thank me about posting for something makes it all worth while.