Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Today I had a careers advice meeting with one of the people on the campus where  I work. This was prompted for many reasons including that I probably only have 9 months left in the lab and that I can't see myself continuing in this given how much pain I am in each day. I have never known where to start with this sort of thing and I was actually given lots of useful advice and over the course of it they mentioned bringing science to the public and so I mentioned my blog and they were interested in this and we covered my foot and what I have been doing with the blog in some detail and one of their suggestions was science journalism, don't think my English is up to that level but it is good to know that all of my years in science might not go to waste and I found the experience very helpful.

At the end one of the ladies said I have one last question...  I was like ok go for it and she said can I please have the blog address as my sister in law might have this disease and might find it useful. Well if you are either the person who took that address or you are that sister in law, hello and I hope you find something useful even if this isn't the disease you have (the conditions did sound slightly different to me).