Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wednesday with Ledderhose

Today was a tough day and not particularly because my foot hurt, which it did and not because of money which is at a bit of a stretch at the moment with the wedding and a leak and my partner changing jobs but because my partner wasn’t feeling great, she looked a bit down which is probably because of the money thing and because of being ill and I hate to see her like that. What can I do though, I managed to insist on her not going out and teaching a lesson this evening even though because due to admin stupidity of the company she is with she has had to cancel tomorrow’s lessons because she needs to have some training. Well I love her and hope that we can get away from it for 2 weeks over the wedding.  

Still on the interesting side of things I got an interesting comment on one of my blog posts today (comment on the top ten blog and forum in google post):

Pete said “Hi, thanks to your site, I came across the new site "itsinyourhands" through the link above. I've had Dupuytrens for a good few years now but didn't do anything about it (I didn't even know there was a name for it!) until it became obvious it was gradually getting worse. To be honest, I'm really not a pill-taker & always look for a natural alternative for an ailment. The thing is, a lady I know who works with herbs/oils etc, recommended I take a look at an enzyme called Serrapeptase. I did & have been taking it for 5 months now with great results. The rope-like build-up on my left palm has broken up into pieces & getting softer! I reckon at the 12 month stage I might be rid of it. I'm trying to spread the word - it's working for me, so why not other folks? Many thanks Pete  “

I have tried to look a little bit into Serratiopeptidase and as far as I can tell there is no hard evidence that is does anything much in medical terms. I have seen a few little things here and there suggesting that it may be able to help with Ledderhose as it is an enzyme that breaks down proteins and the bulk of the lumps that form are proteins therefore it can break them down. However there is no evidence to suggest that this is the case and therefore at the moment I for one am not going to give it a try but if you have found it has helped you then please comment here as so far I only have one persons word to go.

I think that it is great that the right kind of people, those who can help and might need help are finding this blog. 

To be honest I guess if things got to the point where I was considering surgery then I would first consider the options above. Today my foot was bad again and this is starting to annoy me as that is two days in a row, have the orthotics worn themselves out already or am I just going through a bad patch before the wedding which will of course finish in time for my stag do.