Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Some pain today with my Ledderhose

As anyone who read here often will know my foot does not always hurt too much and I like to be able to do things for myself and indeed for my partner so I am perhaps not as much off of my feet as I should be.  I have however now got orthotics and I am at the stage where I have been wearing these all day which is pretty good and only slightly quicker than the doctor ordered so I don't think I have been too naughty.

I don't know if it is because the doctor poked it yesterday but today I have been in quite a bit of pain. To be honest I don't think that I can blame the doctor from yesterday as unlike last time he was very gentle and barely touched the lump let alone put any pressure on it (again shows that he knew what he was dealing with more than the other guy did). I think that the pain today is due to one of two things.

1) I have been on my feet more: Being on my feet more does mean more pain and today I was up and about a lot and that often means more pain but this hasn't been too much of an issue in the last few days.

2) It is just one of those days: The specialist also said that I just have to grin and take the pain as until it gets to the point where I really cannot walk they will not operate on ledderhose. This also means that I will have some days where it is painful, I mean I do have a disease after all so what should I expect.

I am hoping that on a day to day basis I don't have too many days like today, even once a month would be annoying but I think that it is something that I have got go try and get used to and the problem is knowing when I can push myself, what are the days when I can stay on my feet? What are the days when I need to sit down as much as possible? I guess that maybe as I become used to the Orthotics and with time I might be able to start to notice the signs of a troublesome day earlier rather than later an so will be able to make provisions and try to sit on my bum as much as my job will allow me.

The good thing is that my wedding and honeymoon are coming up and this not only is a great thing for the obvious reasons but also because it means that I should be able to sit a lot. To anyone out there that has ledderhose from what I have seen on the net and from what I have been told by the specialists you want to consider surgery as your last option only and they mean once you cannot walk. Just think about how much weight and how much pressure goes through your feet and your toes not just in a day but with every step and if you start messing about with that and messing about with the nerves then that is asking for trouble and in all likelihood if you are currently capable of walking then it is going to be more trouble than you are currently in. Of course I am not a doctor and you need to listen to what they say to you and not what I am saying as I am only 1 patient and not qualified so what I am saying is these are just my ramblings.

I have had experience with both orthotics and steroid injections and I am trying to build up a collection of details on different treatments but I will now be travelling outside of my experience with the disease so will be asking upon others for information where I can and I am going to try to make my next one of those kind of posts about surgery.