Friday, 10 February 2012

Getting painful feet for the wedding

I am not going to get cold feet and I am hoping not to get painful feet. 

I am slightly concerned today about my foot. The wedding is fast approaching, less than 80 hours to go now and I am not sure how good my foot is going to be. I am not sure how many other people with Ledderhose disease have this but my pain levels fluctuate quite a lot and I can sometimes make it to nearly the end of the day before I am having to sit down every couple of minutes and have to hobble round but other times it happens from the start of today and guess which is the case today.

Today is the last working day before the wedding and I didn’t even make it to 11am before I was in a lot of discomfort and I was trying out the pain pen. Can’t say I am seeing much difference with the pain pen at the moment but I am going to persist. I am not sure exactly what it does but I am not apply to use it too close to the site of the lump as this causes a sharp pain but it claims that it can help when applied as far as 10cm away from the source of the pain so I giving it a go and keeping my fingers crossed.

I am also thinking that the rest of today and the weekend might be a bit foot heavy. Tonight we are going out for a work meal which is in part for the wedding and partly for my partner leaving work. However there is no guarantee that we are going to be able to park closely to the place and so I might have to walk quite some way. Still fingers crossed that we can get close. Again there is this whole thing that because of my foot we are having to really think ahead and try to find somewhere to park when it should really not be a concern.  

Then we come on to tomorrow and I am getting up early to bake my layer of the wedding cake. I have got my stall in the kitchen and it is not a particularly intensive cake to make so hopefully I will be ok. Then we have the stag do. For this we are playing on the PS3 and then going out for a meal and bowling. The meal will be fine but we have a PlayStation Move and so many of the games for that require standing and I guess I am just going to have to learn to not be so competitive and sit out some of the time. The bowling I am most concerned about, shoes that are not running trainers and no orthotics. It is only going to be a couple of hours and I am going to be sitting for most of that so hopefully it will not be too much hassle.

Sunday, well Sunday again should actually for the most part be ok. The morning is mainly relaxing and chilling but then in the afternoon we are going to decorate the wedding venue. This requires standing on chairs and hanging up photos (I will try to post a picture of the finished effect here on Sunday evening). I am hoping that this doesn’t take too long but at the same time I want everything to be perfect and will not want to be too bossy or want to be too demanding on the other people that are helping.  

Monday is the big day and it is going to be fantastic whatever happens. Sorry to say that you can expect there to be too many updates in the coming weeks as I am of course busy but I hope to get something in here or there as I can’t let my many (1 or 2) regular readers down.