Thursday, 26 January 2012

Would be nice to be able to think ahead and not have to take your feet into consideration wouldn't it?

My foot doesn't hurt too much today and I have been very naughty over the last three days I have worn the orthotics more than I have been wearing normal trainers, this is because I do feel comfortable in them and I do feel like I am breaking them in and that they might be helping.

I have to admit that standing still hurts the most, this really hurts a lot and so when I am in the lab I try to do everything on my chair and hope that it is ok, so far so good and nothing dangerous spilt on me which is always a good thing.

I have an appointment on Monday to discuss my MRI results and I have to say that I am really not all that sure that they are going to say that it is a plantar fibroma and I am even doubting myself. Whatever it is it is painful and it is a lump in the arch of my foot. I am not sure if the doubts are just because of the annoying appointment or what. I mean I do think that a lot of my symptoms match up but my lump is not very discrete and it doesn't stick out of my foot that much and I just don't know any more. I guess the wondering will be over on Monday. Whatever happens I will still keep posting about it and I will still keep up the forum and the blog in order to help those that do have it as whatever I have got, if it isn't a PF, has certainly given me a taste of what it would be like to have one due to the matching symptoms and anyone with it deserves as much support and help as they can get.

I guess I am also hoping that it is not a plantar fibroma and is in fact something that is much easier to treat and they can go ta da and it will all be good from now on (as if that is ever going to happen).

The wedding is drawing ever closer and I really can't wait I just want to be standing there waiting for my other half to walk down the aisle, well I guess really I want to be sitting there waiting for her to come down the aisle as will my foot I am only going to stand once the music starts playing. Again whatever happens I am going to have a great day, a fantastic day and show this foot that I am the boss and it is going to let me do the things that I want to be able to do. I will have to see what sort of time I have but if I get the chance I will have to post at least a couple of pictures to here of me on my feet before we head off to honeymoon. Were are going here :-)

That is another thing that does annoy me about this bad foot of mine. When we were looking to book excursions there were several that we avoiding because it said that you would have to be standing and walking for a couple of hours and we felt that there was no way that I was going to be able to do that and it would be nice if I could look ahead and not have to think about my foot. Another example of that is that I would have loved to have done paint-balling or something like that for my stag do but again taking my foot into consideration we thought that bowling would be a better option as long a nobody drops a ball on my foot.

Would be nice to be able to think ahead and not have to take your feet into consideration wouldn't it?

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