Friday, 27 January 2012

The relevance of things:

I don't think that I have all that much to add on the foot front today, I am hoping tomorrow to finally get round to doing the post of me in different footwear to see how they affect my walking but I can't make any guarentees as I have a lot to do over the weekend including painting a wall, cooking some meals to freeze (even though we already have enough to last until the wedding) I am hoping to cook a nice and healthy risotto which is actually what I was given by my mum when visiting today.

Things with the foot are still good at the moment and and the Orthotics I think are doing their job and long may it stay that way. I think it is fair to say that over the coming weeks I am going to find it hard to not post on here about the wedding and whilst I want to try to keep to things that are relevant I think that how I live my life with the disease is relevant and the fact that I am in the process of getting married is a huge part of my life and my partner is such a huge support to me that it would be silly to think that it is not part of how I cope with it and is not relevant.