Friday, 20 January 2012

A painful birthday

Today things have not been good. My birthday which is great but we decided to go for a lab lunch. The place we decided to go to was about a ten minute walk away and then of course ten minutes back when the place was full. The meal we ended up having was really nice but by 2pm my feet we really killing me. I was struggling to stand for long periods of time and there was a lot of grimacing, I changed to my insoles and things were not much better but I kept them on for a bit to see if they would help. Things were not helped by me being busy in the lab, I needed to use the centrifuge a lot which is annoyingly on the other side of the room so I was up and down like a yo yo getting bits and pieces. 

Most of the pain was coming from the location of the plantar fibroma. One thing that was nice today though was that on the way back from the initial place that we tried to get food someone actually said we should go to the closest place because they were worried about my foot. I guess this kind of concern is something that I need to get used to and something to appreciate and is something that more people with Ledderhose would get if we could raise the awareness of it even just a little bit. I think that there are lots of ways of doing this and we just need to get round to implementing them but the thing is timing and money. Timing not just the right time but also finding the time to do it and then money well who has any of that and is willing to contribute any to a thing like this? (Sure I am repeating myself from previous blogs) 

Anyway back to my feet, the pain did seem to ease a little bit after putting the insoles on, still not to the point that I was happy standing or walking for any length of time but any improvement is better than no improvement. Only a week Monday  now until I get to look at my MRI results. I find it hard to believe that it is going to show anything other than Ledderhose but at the same time I can only imagine that it would be a good thing if it did as it is so hard to do anything about it otherwise. 

I am hoping that these orthotics will make things easier as I increase the amount that I am wearing them and that the MRI results will clear things up either way.