Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ledderhose News

I was on facebook earlier today and I get the messages from the British Dupuytren's society. Their most recently linked article is Brighton Music Lover Thrilled with treatment. This is quite local to me so it grabbed my attention. It is about a man from Brighton with Dupuyten's who was given a Xiapex injection and it helped him hugely. Of course it is annoying that he had to pay from his own pocket but it got media coverage. Perhaps this local news outlet is a place to go to try to get a story in about Ledderhose for Rare Disease Day.

Anybody else find any news stories about Plantar Fibroma's or any of the related diseases? As I have not really had any success.

Though I don't seem to be able to access them there are several on Dupuytren's on the Times and I would really like to see the one by Jonathan Agnew as he is someone who I actually have heard of (cricket for those not in the know). I can actually find out much more about Dupuytren's than I can about Ledderhose which I have only found in one article and that was just because it was mentioned as being associated to Dupuytren's.