Saturday, 3 December 2011

How to cope with a Plantar Fibroma/ Ledderhose

Ok so I have been struggling over recent weeks with my Plantar Fibroma / Ledderhose disease. As anyone who reads this will know I have been trying to come up with ways of coping with it and of course there are already ways of doing this that I have been doing for a while now/

1) Where good and supportive footwear. I personally find that the only footwear that I can walk in easily and comfortably is some running trainers. Running trainers do have some disadvantages though especially if  you are living in the UK in the winter, these are that they are normally not water proof and they are normally designed to let the heat out and not keep it in. Still for me they are well worth the compromise.

2) Can't say that this is the best advice but it has helped me, it is actually something that I don't do consciously and would not recommend it. I actually tend to walk on the outside of my foot. Not sure how easy it is to tell from the picture below (actually taken when I was sitting but tried to get a representative image) but that is kind of how I walk. The running trainers are what make this possible without snapping my ankle.
3) Get a hug from a cat - not sure this helps but she wanted to. (You can find videos of her here)
4) Lose weight, this is not easy to do when you don't want to walk but I would suggest trying diets like weight watchers or Slim fast if you need more motivation, Exercise why you can try swimming and cycling as they tend to keep the weight of your feet, even if one does give me ear infections and the other sore ankles.

5) Take the weight you do have off of your feet - I have found that sitting down as much as possible has really helped with the pain, sure it is not a solution to your problems but it does help the pain go away until you next get to see the foot specialist.