Here are some frequently asked questions: 

What is Ledderhose Disease?

Ledderhose disease in a hyperproliferative disorder (the cells grow fast like in cancer, though it is not cancer) where a lump or nodule forms in the plantar fascia aka the arch of the foot. This can be harmless but it can also become painful upon standing or walking and this will then likely require treatment.

What treatment options are available for Ledderhose disease?

See the treatments page for more information but there are several options which have differing success rates and different drawbacks. These include: Steroid injections, orthotics, surgery, cryosurgery, radiotherapy, verapamil gel and more.

Are there any other disorders that are related to Ledderhose?

Yes there are several other disorders. Dupuytren’s disease (hand) and Peyroines disease (penis) are thought to be related to Ledderhose disease as well as frozen shoulder. 

How common is Ledderhose disease?

It is rare but specific numbers are not really known. See here.

Have you met or spoken to anyone else with these conditions?

Yes see the interview page for more details.

Are there any predisposing factors for Ledderhose?

Who are you and how can I contact you?

I am Gary Manley, I am a Ledderhose patient from the UK. You can contact me by using ledderhosedisease(at)gmail(dot)com. Or to talk to me and other use this forum. For more about me see the bottom of this page. 

Are you a doctor?

No, I have a background in science but the information here should not be considered a replacement for your doctor or to self diagnose or treat. The blog is for information purposes only.

So what is known about the science of these conditions?

I have discussed that on the science page, but increased levels of collagen and too much cell growth are the key.

How can I follow your progress?

You can subscribe to follow the blog by e-mail, follow the blog, follow me on twitter (@ledderhose) or follow my Facebook page (Gary’sfeet).

Is there a UK based charity that looks into Dupuytren’s and Ledderhose disease?

Yes, look at the British Dupuytren’s Society website for all their information and what they do.

Why do I have to register in order to comment on the blog? (No longer applies)

Do to the increasing traffic to the block there was a number of spam posts taking place so I had to introduce this as a measure to try and block spam posts. If you are not comfortable sharing information with everyone then please e-mail me direct which can be totally anonymous.

About Me:

Hi, I am Gary. I live in the South of England and as you might guess I have Ledderhose Disease. I have a BSc in Molecular Genetics and hope I am putting that to good use.

In an effort to try and understand the disease and work out what are my best options I have done a lot of research and would like to share this so that it might help people in a similar situation in the future. As someone with a background in science I feel I am well placed to understand a lot of the information out there and I am trying to explain it in a way that makes it as easy as possible for everyone to understand.

Through this work I have met lots of people with Dupuytren's and Ledderhose all have had different stories and experiences. I have also discussed things with the British Dupuytren's Society and have since helped them to update the Ledderhose section of their website.

For more information about me see my post on my story and when I interviewed myself.

You  can also find out about me on a baking and cake decorating blog my wife runs.

To contact me please e-mail:


I'm the one getting married, the one holding the Umbrella. 

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  1. I made a mistake in my last post: naming Gabapentin and Lyrica as the muscle relaxants I use. These two drugs are used for chronic pain and, as I said, use with extreme caution. I just had a very nasty experience while trying to switch from Gab. to the much stronger Lyr. I'll stay with the Gab. thank you, less brain damage. The muscle relaxants I use are Baclofen and Cyclobenzaprine (you'll have to look up the corresponding Brit. names.) As I have the tragic trio of spinal stenosis, hamstring tendonitis and ledderhose, I'll try anything and everything that may hint at relief including Hydromorphone. Do they all work? All in their own separate ways, yes. Do I like taking all this stuff? No, fix me fast and I will want no part of any of them. I'm hoping relief is on the way some day soon.

    Thanks always for your knowledge, persistence and sense of humour.