Saturday, 3 June 2017

Keeping things going

Having done a few more posts recently I wanted to keep the ball rolling. With nothing particularly new to look at I will have a look back a few years and also point you to a few place. 

Firstly you follow me on twitter with @ledderhose and also on Google+ with the same account I think. There is also the facebook page mentioned on the right and then the 2 Facebook groups mentioned on that page and numerous places throughout the blog. 

Turns out this is a pretty good time to look back at what happened around this time: 

From 2013 Amelia was born post (I now have a wonderful 4 year old!!!!)

From 2012 a couple of posts around when I had radiotherapy here and here 

Hopefully something new there for those new to the blog and the condition. As always please feel free to ask questions, share experience etc.