Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Looking back to 2012

Today I am going to continue to look back 4 years ago. I am actually finding it really interesting to see what I was doing 4 years ago and how that compares to where I am now and it is also good to remind me of why I started the blog and why I keep it going. 

The first post is one where I looked at things that were helping me with the pain back then. 

It is interesting how I mentioned in that post about people going out and doing runs and ironically now I am probably a much better runner than all but one of them (but he was really good). but when I am looking at the things that helped I still find that keeping my feet warm is preferable to letting them get cold. I still wear thermal socks and have only just stopped using the orthotics. I still recommend that most patients will benefit from keeping their feet warmer and if you can get orthotics they are worth a try. 

I also mentioned in that post how I had just started using a walking stick, thankfully I only resorted to that for a year but mentally using a walking stick as a 25 year old was very tough but made all the easier by "Wonderful Wife and supportive family: There is nothing like having people that will put up with you moaning about it and give helpful suggestions and great advice. Thanks everyone "

Another post I did around then was actually on how bad the pain was at times. 

For me that was just an interesting post to reread and see where I was physically and mentally 4 years ago.