Sunday, 30 August 2015

Being careful

Although I am now in a really good place with my Ledderhose I still have to be careful. For those that aren't sure I am not "cured" for lack of a better word the condition is in remission. The pain has gone and I no longer need a walking stick, I am running and for the most part I don't think of the condition any more. 

There are however a couple of exceptions to this and they are more of an annoyance although also a constant reminder and something that makes me remember how important it is to help patients that are in the position I was a couple of years ago. 

1) Hitting the arch: The lump, although significantly smaller, is still there and direct impact on it can be painful. For example I was walking down the stairs the other day and I stepped over the baby gate and slightly misjudged my step and this resulted in me bashing my arch on the bottom step. This bashing was incredibly painful and significantly more that had I done the same thing on the other foot. Of course I could wear trainers all the time but with the little one running around I would rather not risk treading on her toes. 

2) The orthotics: Buying new shoes is a real pain I have wide feet and the orthotics are obviously wide to cater for that but also they add depth so I have to get shoes that have the height to fit my feet (which are also fairly tall, think brick shape) and the orthotics. 

3) I am still wearing the orthotics. Not sure if I could get away without them and is something I am considering trying as I have so little pain at the moment. The aim of the orthotics now is to try and get me to walk normally rather than on the outside of my foot as my body learnt to do that whilst the foot was bad. 

Don't get me wrong I am not complaining however there are still things that need to be catered for.