Monday, 8 June 2015

Running after radiotherapy for Ledderhose

A lot of people are concerned about running and especially about any trauma or micro-trauma that might be caused to the sole of the foot in this process as it going to take a pounding. Running was the first thing that I gave up when my foot started hurting and to be fair I was not much of a runner and I didn’t really try and keep going.
I am mentioning this now because I am at last making the most of my foot feeling so much better and the amazing weight loss and decrease in post run foot aches I have experienced since starting a low carb lifestyle. Last week I ran a lot of miles (for me) as I completed over 20 in a week for the first time in my life and my long run was a very nice and intentionally slow 7 miles (the first 2 with the buggy holding a 2 year old) and it took me just under 1 hour 20 minutes. Clearly I can go faster but I am using the 80% slow 20% fast training principle and so took it really easy and it felt great. I even went for a gentle 2 miles on the Sunday before going to badminton. In fact last week I had 6 hours of badminton (not all playing as I run the sessions) and then did 5 runs!
I am running so much because I have signed up for the Brighton Half Marathon next year, this is a huge deal for me (something which I am sure any Ledderhose patient will agree with) and not sure what charity I am running for yet. I want to run a full marathon at some point and will run this for the British Dupuytren’s Society so don’t want to run for that twice. This time we may well run for a charity linked to mental health as that is something that we have had a close experience with and know many others that have had / are having similar experiences.
As with all things as I don’t like to go things without knowing I could do my best, just look at this blog for example.
I have a 10km in October which I will be running in memory of my Nan, I know I will be emotional at the end of that but this half marathon, despite the choice of charity, I am 100% running for me and think that I will likely be just as emotional at the end of that. Even when I started radiotherapy running is something that I never dreamt I would get back and I really hope it is here to stay. One of my lifelong ambitions has been to run a marathon. I can’t remember when that became the case but I remember seeing Paula Radcliffe set the still standing world record for the women’s marathon and Haile Gebrselassie doing amazing things in the men’s race. I know for a long time it has been something I have wanted to do and have the drive to do and I really hope my foot holds up.
Over the next 9 months I will of course keep you all up to date with my progress, not necessarily running but more how my foot is coping with the running. So far so good. Wish me luck and know that everyone who reads this blog, whether to follow me as a friend, as a patient or finds the blog for information is going to be helping me through this and dragging me through the tough days.
Hopefully I can prove that it is possible for me to run a half marathon even after being completely incapacitated by this condition and hopefully in a few years I can show that even a normal person with no previous training (by that I mean before having the condition) can run a marathon.

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