Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Notes on Dupuytren’s Chapter in the book

I have recently been sent a link to a book chapter that has been written by Dr Shaffer on the use of radiotherapy to treat Dupuytren’s. The difference with this book is that it is a live book, this means it will get updated as new information becomes available and it is free, the links below will take you where you need to go:

I thought why I was here it was also worthwhile me having a look at the data that had been published and have a look at the articles cited, after all will be useful to refresh all of this before attending the Dupuytren’s Conference in May. However I then realised that actually the article is a great review of the data collected so far and highlights the success than can be achieved then using radiotherapy. The lack of progression in around 80% of patients over a long period indicates the effectiveness of this treatment when compared the other options available. Of course in the case of Dupuytren’s you are certainly dependent on getting the treatment done early.
My experience with radiotherapy was fantastic, going from using a walking stick to not needing it 6 months and running 5km in another 6 months and now I can mostly forget I even have the condition. Based on the results of the patient survey we shall soon we adding to the ever increasing data that supports radiotherapy as one of if not the best treatment option certainly for Ledderhose and also Dupuytren’s.
Basically I think the link is a good read and should be fairly easy to follow for most patients.