Monday, 8 September 2014

Ledderhose patient treated with RFA and blood platelet injections

Today I have an interview with a patient from the USA, I came into contact with her through one of the many different forums / groups and she has had some treatments that sounded interesting. She was kind enough to answer my questions and provide a few pictures of before and after pictures. 

1) Where are you from?

I reside in North Dakota and part time California.

2) Do you have Ledderhose and/or Dupuytren's? 


3) Do you have a family history of this condition? 

Unknown, my Dad had 16 brothers and sisters many I did not know.

4) How did you find the medical awareness of these conditions? 

I first noticed a lump but was very busy at the time, before I knew it it felt like I was walking on a golf ball. I went to Dr. Sabot at Mission hospital in Laguna Beach ca. He told me I had a plantar fibroma and by now I had a small one coming on the other foot also. But the one on my right foot was two large masses.

5) What treatment options were you offered?

Radio frequency ablation. I also had a bunion fixed on one foot which was the difficult part. The ablation was pretty much painless after and I definitely noticed a reduced and soften in both fibromas. I needed to return to the operating room to have the screw out which I was allergic too, he recommended the area of my large fibroma be treated again with blood platelet injection to decrease and soften it even more. 

6) What condition were you in when you were looking to get treatment? (Pain wise) 

I was about 7 out of 10 sometimes worse than others.

7) What is RFA? Please could you describe the treatment process you underwent with RFA and blood platelet injections? 

The definition for radio frequency ablation is as follows. Radiofrequency ablation involves the use of heat to destroy fibroid tissue. It is a laparoscopic procedure involving small incisions.

Ultrasound is used enabling the surgeon to see the fibroids clearly.

A long needle-like device is then inserted into a fibroid. When it is in the middle of the fibroid, heat is delivered until the entire fibroid is destroyed. The process is repeated until all of the fibroids have been ablated.

Each treated fibroid will shrink in size by about 40 percent within three months of treatment.

8) How successful would you say the treatment has been? 

3 years post op and I feel I had good results. However, Now I have a new one coming on the foot that had the large fibroma but it is going off to the side. He feels I should do Tenex on it. I am not convinced and I am doing research and getting more opinions. I think it was pretty successful  however and the blood platelet injections did push it along to soften more. 

9) What other treatment options are you looking into now and what are your thoughts on them? 

I have not found anything my insurance will cover. I am therefore considering paying out of pocket for something. I am not sure what however, nothing gets my hopes up. I am getting more opinions in California as North Dakota DRs just want to cut!

I am an aesthetician and have some pretty cool equipment so I have decided to use some of it on my fibroma and see what results I can get. Currently I am using cold hammer therapy with blue light. It really helps reduce inflammation and is soothing. I'm going to do it 3 times a day for 60 days and see if I notice anything.

Before rfa blood platelet injections:

After three years, now you can see one coming off to the side.