Friday, 28 March 2014

Update to Dr Davis Interview

Not that long ago now I did an interview with Dr Eddie Davis on the use of Hyaluronidase, this is an enzyme that specifically acts to reduce scar tissue in a similar fashion to collagenase. It appears that this has drawn the interest of many patients. I am already in discussions with one patient that has now had the the treatment and hopefully then will soon be providing answers to some interview questions. Another patient has seen the interview and decided they would like to know more, so they asked Dr Davis some questions and posted the results on the International Dupuytren's Society forum and have kindly allowed me to share them on here. 

Please see the interview here and scroll down to find the new questions and answers. It would be great if there was a published medical article on this treatment as it appears that the results are good for patients but many people, especially other medical professionals, would like to see some proof that the treatment works for the condition before the consider using it themselves. 

I do have some other Ledderhose news but I will wait for it to be more formalised before I consider posting another about it. There will also hopefully be a few more interviews on the way. 

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