Thursday, 20 March 2014

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It has been nearly 2 months since I last updated the blog, I am sorry that it has been so long but frankly there has not been much to say. From the perspective of my foot I can't have any complaints. I have had no issues and no pain when playing a couple of hours of badminton. 

I have however had a very bad chest infection which I really struggled with but I am much better now and I am just awaiting from blood test results. The interesting thing is that I may have an issue with my thyroid. I do not know if this will turn out to be the case or not but I have of course been reading into it. It turns out that there is a chemical released by the thyroid that is involved in the regulation of calcium. Obviously if it does turn out that I have a thyroid problem it is interesting that there may be a link to Calcium. This is because calcium has been linked to the develop of Dupuytren's, and it is through blocking calcium channels that Verapamil claims to work. My quick reading suggests that an under-active thyroid would actually decrease the blood levels of calcium but I could be wrong and there is probably nothing in it. 

This site is continuing to get visits and although the patient support network page is proving popular in terms of visits not many people are contacting me. It suggests that people like the idea of a plantar fibroma support network but this is not quite what they are looking for, please give me ideas if you have any and I will see what I can do. 

I am still working with various different charities and organisations in order to try and promote awareness of this condition and the different treatment options. 

Personally it is great to see my daughter starting to grow up, she is normally a bundle of joy and so well behaved (picture of her below). Things will probably continue to be slow on here for a while as everything being well we should be moving house next week. After that it will probably be time for my annual effort to try and get more doctors to interview and see if I can do any follow ups with patients I first spoke to a couple of years ago, it would be great to see how they are all getting on and many haven't kept in touch (as much my fault as theirs). 

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