Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Badminton Coaching

As everyone should know the primary goal of this blog is to help Ledderhose patients, but at the start it was about my day to day problems with the condition, so I still like sharing my experiences etc.

And I am happy to say that since I got radiotherapy been on the path towards becoming a badminton coach, I always loved playing badminton and it was on my list of things I missed when I could barely walk. The plan for this badminton coaching is just something I can do for a couple of hours at the weekend and hopefully make a little bit of money. I am happy to say that at the weekend I passed the final coaching exam and yesterday I was informed I had passed the 1st aid course; one of the requirements for being a coach is having basic first aid skills.

I am really enjoying being back on my feet and back on the badminton court, I hope that my wife doesn't mind me going on about badminton too much but the fact I couldn't play so long is partly why I am so excited, that and it is great to have passed the final assessment and now be a fully qualified coach. I am lucky that she has been so supportive and has been a great Guinea Pig with her game improving steadily. Whilst I am not going to push the sport on Amelia I hope that me being a qualified coach means I can make the sessions fun enough that she is at least going to be interested for a while. 

I am going to start a blog on badminton as well, but my priority (as far as blogs go) will still be this blog, after all it is not a big problem if people have a delay in getting better at badminton but a patient contacting me about this condition could be feeling quite lost and lonely. 

All the best and watch out for the 100,000 page-views post coming soon.