Saturday, 30 November 2013

Updates and changes to come

As usual things in terms of new content for the blog are slow, after all once you have everything what can you do?

I do have a new no things that I want to write about, ideally I would like some more patient experience with cryosurgery and I would ideally like some information from the UK specialists that are doing Cryo and I am planning on trying to fill some missing information mainly:
  • More information on Xiapex
  • More information on disease progression
Despite the above I have been busy trying to help all the patients that contact me, this has led to the idea of the patient support network, this now has its own page with a list of all the lovely people who have agreed that they are happy to be contacted by patients. This will become a more obvious page when I get round to changing the layout slightly.

I have decided that it has been too long since I refreshed the look of the blog, nothing major this time and hopefully nothing too time consuming. I am just finding that having one sidebar is resulting in a long list is not a very effective way of communicating with visitors. I am going to change this list so that they are separated more, on the left will be a link to other parts of the blog, so the forum, the patient support network, facebook and Google + sites then after this will be the charity sites etc. On the right will be other things such as the about me, top ten posts, etc. Most people have a screen that is easily wide enough to handle this and hopefully it will make for a more pleasant viewing experience. Sorry if it causes any confusion when the changes are taking place. In theory it should only take 15 minutes anyway.

It would be great to get some feedback from visitors whether they feel there is anything missing or if they feel there are improvements I can make.