Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Update on everything

The Update

This is just one of my updates to say that I am still around and working on things in the background. Again in the last few weeks I have had patients contacting me and it is nice that I am now able to put them in touch with patients that are fairly local to them and in some cases have had treatment with the same doctors that they are considering seeing. This is really good as it means not only can I try and give out the information that I have but I am also able to spread this and let them get knowledge from someone else.

I am hoping to turn this into a network of sorts. It would be great if I could have a list of contacts, just name, e-mail, home city / country and treatments had / specialists seen. Then when someone contacts me I can point them in the direction of this person, or to the network page where they can find someone with a similar experience and ask me for their e-mail (I would not want to publish these on the internet.

Interviews on the way from both professionals and patients although they have been "looking" at the questions for several months so I am starting to doubt whether they are going to come or not, at least I have tried. It would be great to get some more information on Verapamil and Cryo so hopefully I get some responses. I am also working with another patient and a professional on 2 separate posts which I hope to find the time to do soon.

How you can help:

As always don't forget that there already is a network or sorts, the Facebook page is building likes and so there are a growing number of patients that will see your post should you share your experience.

Please consider hitting the plus 1 button on the right if you found the site useful, this will hopefully help others find the page and will help to moves things forward.

Volunteer your story. It is always great to hear from patients, if you have had treatment and think that sharing it with others might be helpful then please contact me and I will post it, or send you questions to do an interview as I have with many others. Equally it would be great if people would let me know if they are willing to be contacted by other patients should I think that their experience and knowledge might be useful to them.

 My foot?
I have been really busy in the last few weeks. As I have mentioned previously I have started running, my foot has been coping well with that and I have started to enjoy it. As part of a charity run for work I managed to run 10km, a great achievement for me. I am also back playing badminton and working towards becoming a fully qualified coach. My movement around the court is still flatter than it was before my foot got bad but hopefully I can lose weight and get back to where I was. My foot has been coping great, in fact I would say that the post run and post badminton soreness is decreasing so the only thing that still gets to me is standing for long times.

The baby
Amelia is growing nicely and continues to develop every day. She is well trained and sleeps through the night, as she has done since she was 8 weeks old. She is a cheeky monkey and thinks she can get out of any situation by smiling sweetly and to be fair to her that works on most people excluding her Mum. She has an infectious laugh and it is wonderful to see her starting to develop her own personality and beginning to try and become mobile.

And Finally...

Thank you everyone for your continued support, the blog went over 90,000 page views recently and it should go past 100,000 in the next 3 months, it still seems crazy to me that so many people want to view my blog and find it helpful. I will certainly have to do a review post once I reach this milestone, after all I did suggest I would do it back when I got my first 1000 page views.