Saturday, 27 July 2013

Preston Park - Park Run 5km

My foot had continued to improve and I have started taking part in park runs, this week, despite what the official results say I ran 29:36 (2 people overtook after the finish line but before picking up the finishing tokens I actually finished in a time 2 place above what is shown on the results page (results only show most recent results so only there for a week).

I am very happy with the above PB as it is around 40 seconds faster than I ran the first time. My foot was fine afterwards and it goes to show that you can come back after having this condition and start running 5k events. 

Radiotherapy has worked for me, I guess the take home message for any patient at the moment is to make sure that you look into all of the treatment options before making your choice. 

It is a shame that there are no pictures to go with the above, if my wife is not busy with one of her helping out duties in the next few weeks I will try and get her to take a picture. My foot did not hurt at all during the run and I even finished with a sprint which is actually probably what got me down to below 30 minute pace as I overtook a lot of people and there are not that many people between me and 30 minute pace. 

After the above run we actually went to get new running trainers although my foot was a but sore I was able to go out and test drive two types of trainers. So all in all a very good day, next week the normal park run is not on so we are going to a much flatter event, with my new trainers, who knows maybe I can beat my PB again. 

Remember if you have any questions or want any help feel free to get in touch or go to the new facebook page, hit like and post a comment. I was contacted by three different patients this week, I am hoping that they all stay in touch and one certainly looks like he will. He has educated himself on all the treatment options and has determined that he thinks RT is the right choice. Hope he can get it and that it goes well, like me he has a young family and wants to make sure he can stay active with them for years to come.