Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Update on things

So this is an update on how things are for me at the moment with regards to my foot and everything involving the foot, I am really busy at the moment with lots of different things and as I have previously said the amount of updates coming on here was due to decrease anyway: 

So the foot in general is not causing me too much pain although I have suffered on a few occasions. Last weekend we went to the allotment and I was doing a lot of walking and carrying and all of this not in my trainers with orthotics but in bog standard wellies and after playing badminton on the Friday. Needless to say that my foot ached on the Monday after such a busy weekend but I could still walk on it! Compare that to a few months ago, well it is gradually getting more and more months ago, but still. 

I think that last weekend is a great example of how far I have come from 4 months or so ago when I finished radiotherapy and couldn't barely walk,. as last week I managed to: 

  • Play badminton - I lasted the whole hour against a mix of opponents and only suffered from some hip pain, the foot was not painful but as I was wearing running trainers my ankle suffered a little. Importantly I won all 3 doubles games. 
  • Walked a long way: Now this is debatable as who knows what counts as a long way, but it was a long way for me and it was without the stick and I was often carrying heavy bags of compost. I was walking and carrying in wellies for a long time and my foot was not as big of a problem as my ankle, this is huge progress. 
Ok so that is it but they are two pretty huge things that I was able to do last week, who would have thought it, I never thought that I would be back playing badminton before Christmas and not playing too badly at that, I am also back not using the stick quite regularly and can even walk up and down muddy hills without the biggest concern being my foot. If you have this condition there is hope and there is a chance you could improve. You can help others find this site by hitting the plus 1 on the right and by helping the British Dupuytren's Society raise money without having to donate by signing up (very quickly) and using Everyclick / Give as you live.

In other foot news I also got some new orthotics last week, think that it was Thursday that I picked them up. They are basically the same as the last ones I got (see HERE) with some extra inwards tilt on the right foot to try and get me walking normally again. I must say that I think I am starting to get used to them but that they are different, to start with I can feel the pressure going down on the outside of my left foot (my bad foot) and this is probably because of the extra tilt that is trying to force it to go the other way and with time this will happen.

That's all for now!

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