Tuesday, 6 November 2012

In the cold, cold night

So this morning I felt a bit of pain in my foot, nothing much really and nothing to be concerned about, after all radiotherapy is not a cure but rather a treatment that is meant to help alleviate the condition and alleviating it is. I was just that this morning my feet were very cold and as with last year I am noticing that this still tends to cause some pain in my bad foot, whether this is because the tendon tightens and this then causes strain on what is left on the lump who knows? (Guess I a going to have to wear warm shoes to do what I did in the picture)

Anyway I am still in shorts and working hard on various Ledderhose and BDS things. We also had the 12 week scan this morning and got to see the heart beating, the stomach and bladder were full and it had two little hands and feet. It was great, so come 20th May, or there about there will be a little Mr or Miss Manley around the place. Can't wait to teach them all about Ledderhose, maybe I should start with animal noises though? 

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