Monday, 12 November 2012

A little update on how what has happened since I last posted:

Well for regular visitors I would like to ask a favour, particularly if you are in the UK and a Ledderhose patient or if you are a Dupuytren's patient worldwide.

 Dr Chris Bainbridge, a specialist in the UK, who has done work with Xiapex amongst other things has contacted me directly and told me that he is currently running a survey for Dupuytren's patients which you can find here:

Please fill this out as who knows something useful might come from this.

He is also considering looking into the application of Xiapex in the treatment of Ledderhose disease, this is something that I am not aware of having been tried before but was something that I was looking at back when I was considering my options.  I came to the conclusion that although it might be useful it is not something I want to try because reports suggest that the treatment should work better on the cord than a lump and with Ledderhose the lump is the main problem and with Dupuytren's treatment there has been feedback that there is often swelling and I doubt this would be nice in the foot.

Now I know I have not really sold it but if this is something that you would be interested in then please either get in contact with Chris Bainbridge who needs enough interested parties before considering it or you can contact me and I will pass you name and contact details on to him.  

I have also played a much harder game of badminton and although the foot itself did not hurt too much there were consequences of me playing again. The main problem with my play was that I was finding moving around the court harder and not because of pain but as it turns out because I was shifting my weight onto my right leg this of course is still an instinct from having been in so much pain. I still won but I have had a lot of pain in my right leg for the two days since playing. Hopefully a new pair of orthotics and a new pair of trainers and I will be well on my way to full recover. 

2 days until a year since my first post.