Friday, 26 October 2012

Walking experience & update from patient

Over the last few days I have been doing quite a bit of walking, my wife has been ill in hospital again with severe morning sickness that has left her dehydrated and feeling very rotten and me completely knackered from having to look after her, myself and the flat and with the worry of her being in and out of hospital and earning no money so it is quite stressful but I would rather me me than her ....during this time however I have had to do quite a bit of walking. 

On Wednesday after the appointment I was walking to the Doctors and to and from various bus stops to get to the hospital and then around the hospital and then pacing whilst waiting and another 10 minute walk to go and get food because all of the hospital places close at 8pm. I have to admit that after doing all of that my foot did ache but that it was my foot that was aching and not my lump specifically and that this may be resolved when I get my new orthotics, although I am concerned that I am still yet to get an appointment through from them and will ring them on Monday to check as I keep forgetting at the moment. 

I am yet to book a time to play badminton but I am going to try and pin my friend down to a specific time over the weekend to make sure that we get a game in next week, ideally  I wanted to play on Sunday but it doesn't look like that is going to happen. Really what I need is someone, well some people that are willing to play every week.Not sure that I could really play on Sunday anyway as I am so tired from the events of Wednesday night and only ended up with 2 hours sleep.

I have also again been contacted by someone who has done an interview for the blog but it was so soon after treatment that we waited before posting. It is now clear that was the correct choice as he is already seeking further treatment for Dupuytren's and is seeing a specialist about his foot. I'll keep you updated.