Thursday, 11 October 2012

Baby News and contacts

Well the most important thing first I think. My wife is pregnant!

We are delighted and hopefully by the time the little one is born I will be up for walking around lots but we can't wait. My wife however is suffering from very severe morning sickness which can get very serious to the point that she was so dehydrated from not being able to keep any fluids down that she ended up in hospital last Friday. This was very scary and very eye opening as to just how bad severe morning sickness can be, please don't confuse it with morning sickness as it is a whole different beast, like comparing the problem of having a stone in your shoe with having Ledderhose disease. She is still very poorly although not in hospital she is not really able to drink enough that she is probably going to end up back in hospital during the course of the pregnancy. We are still in very early stages (8 weeks) but wanted to announce it as she is so ill that it helps explain so many things, one of those things is me being knackered and not posting as much as I would like (still I'd rather be me than her right now) and another her trip to hospital and being unable to teach. 

Anyway on to other news and things certainly do seem to come in waves as I also have again been contacted by multiple people about Dupuytren's and Ledderhose disease. The Dupuytren's patient has just had surgery and offered to do an interview, which they have completed but we are going to wait and see what the longer term outcome in a month or so is with regards to the surgery. They also feel that they may have some Ledderhose starting which is how they came across the blog.

I have also been contacted by a Ledderhose patient who has an interesting experience to relate, again they have agreed to do an interview and this will be posted once we have completed it which should be tomorrow as I am just sorting it out now!

Thank you everyone for your support and hopefully I will be in a condition where as soon as this kid can hold a badminton racket I am giving them a thrashing on the court.

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