Friday, 14 September 2012

Exercise and progress

I am happy to say that my exercise program is going pretty well, I am starting to feel much fitter and I am still loosing weight even when I am not eating perfectly. The important things though is that I am also making progress with my walking, I can now easily walk 30 minutes or so with the stick and my foot is fine which is great. 

Due to doing more of the above with the cycling I have managed to build the confidence to do a walk without the stick. So yesterday in my lunch break I made a trip to the local train station and back, it is not too far and it normally only take me about 25 minutes for the round trip and I had my stick with me. I am happy to say that I managed the whole walk without the stick and with very little pain, probably about as much as I would expect as walking with the stick. 

It was not all great though, it took me the best part of 40 minutes as I was walking very gingerly and I found it was a very odd sensation as my foot and ankle are so used to the support. Things will progress if I continue to try and walk without the stick in slow and steady batches and no too quick. I am also going to arrange to see the Doctor so that I can get referred to either the foot health clinic which helps with gait and walking style etc or to physio to get the strength built back up in that foot and at the same time I will go back to the person who made my orthotics and hopefully we can get my walking back to normal. 

Fingers crossed things continue to progress and all goes well.

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