Saturday, 4 August 2012

First post in a while

Much as I had been predicting I have not really posted in the last couple of weeks, this is not only because I have been busy with my new job and watching the Olympics but also because I have already covered most topics here that there is no longer a need for regular updates other than with news or about my condition.

I guess first of all I will post any news that I have found. 

First of all Dr Shaffer is updating his website to include more information on Ledderhose and this will link to the blog, it is good to see more information about Ledderhose being presented on the internet by a trusted medical professional. 

I have also received several updates from google alerts including: 

A case report of Dupuytren's in a 7 year old girl  - An interesting case as the individual is so young and is a female which is also the lower percentage gender for Dupuytren's. 

Enhancement of the Structural Stability of Full-Length Clostridial Collagenase by Calcium Ions - Collagenases are being used to treat these conditions and this data might suggest that the addition of calcium may help with increasing the stability of these proteins so maybe that should be looked at with the treatment.

It is good to see that there are reports coming out on relevant research and case reports. Hopefully in the long run this is going to help patients.

My Condition
Well things have not really changes, I am still getting pain on standing or if I walk too much but I am still good to be walking for around 20 minutes. I have also agreed to do a 5 miles cycle ride as part of a work Iron-Man thing in order to raise money for charity. I am going to try doing lots of training and then that way I should also lose weight and that should further aid my recovery. 

That is pretty much it for the update today, I have contacted a few people with regards to interviews so hopefully I will be able to continue to expand that part as well, as always if you have Dupuytren's or Ledderhose and would like to share your experience or if you are linked to it in any way then please contact me as I would like to have the best coverage possible on this blog.