Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Radiotherapy for my plantar fibroma starts again next week

The Radiotherapy:

Dr Shaffer
So the time has come for the second week of my radiotherapy to start, well on Monday it does anyway. I was told by Dr Shaffer (who I have since interviewed) last time that I may expect to see some improvement before my next visit and I have certainly seen some changes. 

  • Decrease in pain when at rest which means very few shooting pains when laying in bed etc. 
  • I also think that there may be some decreased size in the lump but I am not yet noticing any decrease in pain when I am standing or walking. 
Picture of tanned mark on foot, see the circle on the left. 
Overall I am much less apprehensive about going for the radiotherapy this time. I have after all been there before and I now know my way round and know what to expect. I am not looking forward to the travelling which is going to be complicated by the presence of the Olympic torch in my area on the Tuesday and in Guildford on the Friday. Traffic could be a nightmare but I am hope to get a few pictures of the torch at some point to post on here. 

The plan for next week at the moment involves me staying with some family (thank you) on the Sunday night as I have an early appointment again to kick things off on the Monday and then I am travelling up with my wife or by train on the other days for appointments at 11am. 

The changes:
Foot ready for RT. Circle should line up with tan shown above

Of course a lot has happened in the time between the last week and this week, I have now changed careers and have a fully seated job to look forward to and hopefully this will further help recovery. To be honest I think that the change is going to benefit me in the long run whether my foot gets better or not as the conditions of employment at the new place are much better then when I was doing the PhD. I tried the bus trip to work and it only took 40 minutes which is a nice length of time to read a book but not so long that I will get bored out of my mind. 

I am looking forward to the challenge for starting a new job and getting my teeth stuck into learn a whole new load of skills that will hopefully help me progress in a new career and should lead in the long run to much better job security, better money, better hours and hopefully a better me. 

And it goes on

On another note it is a struggle to find too much to post about on here, I think I have probably mentioned this before. I now have so many useful posts and I don't want to detract away from that by posting anything too useless, I would still like to contact a surgeon who does work on Ledderhose in order to interview them like Dr Shaffer above and like I have done for Dr Elliot Sorene and Dr Terry Spilken but all attempts so far have been unsuccessful. I would also like to know if there are any videos that people would like me to do to try and help different aspects of these diseases, whether it is a kind of treatment like radiotherapy or if it is something like the risk factors one I did then just send me an e-mail and I will do my best to make it.