Monday, 25 June 2012

What are people interested in Ledderhose disease interested in?

Ok so today I found with myself with 5 minutes and I thought about why is it that I am getting so many page-views at the moment and hopefully helping lots of people. So I went to the blogger stats page to have a look at what pages people are looking at (pages not posts, pages are listed at the top, so treatments etc whilst posts are every different entry I have made). This is something very important for me to look at so I know what people find the most useful so I know what to continue generating new content on. 

From my point of view as a Ledderhose patient I knew exactly what I was looking for when I was trawling the net looking up Ledderhose, I was of course looking for a cure for Ledderhose so I was looking at lot at all of the different treatment options. The problem with just looking at those though it that you don't get an idea of what it is like from a user side of things so I was also looking for personal experiences and people to talk to. Sure enough if you look at all the pages the top two are the treatments page and the patients interviews page and one of the top 5 posts in the forum one (though disappointingly few people are joining and sharing their experiences). 

Basically people want to hear what can help, who has had it and how it go and how can I communicate with these people. I think with this being something that is relatively uncommon I am not surprised that wanting to find other people with it is one of patients top priorities. Hopefully I can add to my interviews with some more Ledderhose and Dupuytren's patients (any volunteers are welcome) and hopefully I can get Dr Shaffer to answer a few questions during my visit in July. Meanwhile here are some graphs showing the statistics I am talking about above and also let me know if you know of any professional who work on Dupuytren's and or Ledderhose who might be willing to have a chat. 

Bar Graph showing the total number of pageviews each page has had (excluding homepage)

Pie chart showing the total percentage of pageviews each page has had (excluding homepage)