Saturday, 30 June 2012

The use of amitriptyline to treat pain associated with Ledderhose disease

As I have discussed recently I have been trying to use Amitriptyline for the treatment of the pain that I get associated with my Ledderhose disease. This was a method of pain relief that was recommended by my GP as normal pain killers have proved ineffective and this pain killer target a different pathway. 

Before I see if I can find any scientific explanation as to how these drugs work (although I don't think that a satisfactory one is currently available) I will first just give my experience with these drugs. 

Did they help

Well it is hard to give an exact answer as at the same time as starting taking these I was off of my feet more but I then stopped taking them and was still off of my feet. The answer then became quite apparent that yes they were helping a bit as when I stopped taking them the pain did go back up a notch. So I think that they were helping but not enough to make me want to taking them despite the side effects. 

Side Effects?

The side effects from this were quite obvious and quite annoying to the extent that I stopped taking the drugs.

The first thing that I really noticed was that I had an amazing nights sleep, I took this in the evenings and although unlike the cocodamol getting to sleep was no easier but I was in a real deep sleep. This is not a bad side effect but once I woke up I felt sleepy for hours.

I guess part of feeling sleepy for hours bit was that my head felt cloudy. I just couldn't concentrate properly and I didn't I just couldn't focus like normal. My mind kept wondering and I just felt wrong, this is why I couldn't keep taking it, for the advantages that it gave me (not that much) it just did too much to my head for me to want to keep on taking it.


This is one of the only things so far that has even touched the pain but as with most drugs it has side effects and these were too much for me in this case, others might not suffer from it and it might work for you. In case anyone is wondering I was on 10mg but was told that I could up this to 30mg but I dread to think what I would have felt like taking that sort of dose.


Basically it is not known how they work but it is thought they they work by disrupting the way the nerve impulses are transmitted.