Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Saturday, a day to raise awareness of Ledderhose and Dupuytren's

Ok so I am hoping that anyone that views this will be able to help and please comment or just help if you can.

Basically in order to celebrate me starting Radiotherapy on Monday I am going to try and raise as much awareness of Ledderhose and Dupuytren's on Saturday as I can. Now what I need is some great ways to do this. The main this I am going to do at the moment is to try to use twitter. For example on twitter you can ask people to retweet your message so if I make something like.

"Want to raise awareness for Ledderhose and @Dupuytren's please RT, I am starting radiotherapy on 21/5." This message is just about small enough to fit as a tweet but also to get in the @XXXXX at the start.

I can then send this to people like BBC Health who has over 300,000 followers and ask them to retweet it meaning that their followers see it and might decide to follow the link. I have no clue if this is going to work but thought it will be quite easy to try to do. Just need to tweet several places like BBC Health (@BBCHealth), The Broad Appeal (@BroadAppeal), Cancer research UK, British Dupuytren's Society, Discovery Health (@Disc_Health), World Health Organisation (@WHO), Rare Disease Day (@rarediseaseday), Dupuytren Foundation (@Dupuytren)  and several others such as @doc_RT

And potentially all that I need is one of the ones with a huge following to retweet for example BBC health with 300,000 or so followers and I might get say 0.1% of those people having a look (perhaps) and that is another 300 people or so that know of these diseases. Basically anyone wants to help then let me know and retweet my message on Saturday (I am @Ledderhose)

I will probably make a post on Saturday morning which will just be a repost of the leaflet so that if people do happen to follow the link and end up on my page they have a simple bit of information to look at that explains what I am trying to tell them about. 

As I said please help to raise awareness, the simple thing to do if you are on twitter is just to retweet my post and lets see what happens. People have done great things already through running and I hope that I can do something by tweeting.