Tuesday, 1 May 2012

My week, pain today and probably pain tomorrow

My Weekly update:

For starters I am going back through old posts and trying to eliminate spelling mistakes and typos to try and generate higher quality content for all visitors to the blog, this is important to me as I want to make sure that all information is clear for everyone to understand. So if you spot a mistake please message me as I really want to get rid of all of them.

Next on to myself, well my foot has been hurting quite a bit at different times and there seems to be no logic between when it does and doesn't hurt other than it is exacerbated by standing and walking. I also went swimming earlier in the week and found that although it didn't hurt when I was in the water once I came out it was really bad and I was hobbling all over the place. 

Although swimming is not weight bearing I guess that doing the breast stroke will put extra strain through the fascia and I did notice myself not using the bad foot to the same extent as my good foot when in the water. My foot is becoming more and more of a pain and I am continuing to struggle with the everyday work tasks but it can be so bad sometimes that I don't want to stand for 5 minutes to shave followed by 5 minutes for a shower but of course these things have to be done and many people have it worse off than me. 

Today was a really bad day, I don't know why and to be honest I don't really care I just want the bad days to stop as they make me feel so rubbish. I am sitting at work, working as hard as I can but I don't feel I am working hard enough and this is because I feel I am being held back in this job by my foot. This is a horrible feeling as the last thing I want is to let people down, this then means I work harder and try and get through the pain which means the pain gets worse and worse to the point I can't walk so I can't do this and I have to pace myself just to be able to make it from 8:30 until 5:30 and I know this can be prevented if I was seated. It also means I feel I can't start that awesome experiment just in case it means I am going to go over the edge with my foot because of course I can't take my strong pain killers as they send me to sleep.

I am still yet to have confirmation of my radiation appointment which is really annoying as I need to book a hotel, confirm time off work, plan how to get there etc. etc. and I can't do that when I do not know for sure that I am going on that week but Dr Shaffer's PA has been very helpful and is chasing the matter up for me. I am almost looking forward to radiotherapy now, just the fact that it might help is really big thing that keeps me going on the hard days. It does make a difference knowing that it is less than 3 weeks until the appointment but I just want to be off of my feet now as I am sure if I was in a job where I didn't have to stand and walk I might not even be in the position where I need radiotherapy. 

Since I typed the above my appointment has more or less been confirmed, yay. 

That is my rant over for the day but I sometimes wish there was a Ledderhose simulation device so that people could understand what it is that I am putting up with all of the time, but of course they get to take it off. This might help increase understanding and get everyone together to do it at the same time and you might increase awareness. I guess all people need to do is to stick something to the arch of their feet and this might replicate the condition in some respects even if they can't feel the pulling on the toes they will feel the constant annoyance and pain.