Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Don’t ever get cold feet

Review of Thermal Socks:

Last week I was at the cricket see below) and my Ledderhose was getting more and more painful. This was odd, not that it was getting painful, but because I was not standing or walking or doing anything active that should aggravate the disease. As I sat there watching the game pass by, The Sharks beating the Unicorns, I realised that despite the rest of me being in shorts and T-Shirt my feet were getting cold.

For anyone who doesn’t know cold seems to cause my foot to get worse. This is not the case for all Ledderhose patients and indeed everyone seems to have a different experience but for me this was the case my feet were getting cold and my foot was starting to hurt more.

I then decided that I needed to get something to stop my feet from getting worse as what was the point of me sitting at the cricket with cold feet when surely something could be done about it. I had several suggestions about what could be done including heated insoles, heated sock and many good ideas but looking at these reviews were poor and to be honest they seemed over the top and impractical.

In the process of researching the above products I came across some thermal socks and thought that maybe they would be a good idea. Ok they have the drawback that my feet are going to be hot hot hot all of the time but at least in those moments that I need them they will be there.

The thermal socks were not cheap at about £5 per pair but I thought I can spend £5 to try them out and see what happens. They arrived promptly and they looked really big and I was worried I wouldn’t fit my already fat feet into my trainers with these beasts on.

Then came the glory moment, I slipped my feet in and wow they were so soft and so comfy and it basically felt like my feet were getting a hug. I put the other one on and both my feet were happy and warm. The next bonus came with walking around, due to the size of them they are nicely cushioned and this helps take some of the pounding off of my feet which also means less pain.

So getting out and about in these my feet are warm and my Ledderhose doesn’t suffer in cold weather and I have the bonus of the extra cushioning. I haven’t had them long enough to access how they cope over time with lots of wearing and lots of washing but if I continue to find them great I will be buying some more pairs.

These are a great pair of socks and they do what they say on the tin and keep my feet warm and happy.