Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Day two, radiotherapy

So I am on my way to my second Radiotherapy appointment and it is through the wonders of technology that I am able to make this post. My journey so far has been pretty smooth. For those who don’t know in order to get to these appointments I have to make quite a trek several days this week but this is how strongly I feel that Radiotherapy is going to be able to help my foot.

First things I have to get up early and get onto bus that takes me to the train station and from here I am getting a train to Gatwick airport, changing there and getting on a train to Guildford (which is the one that I am on now) and then I am having to get a taxi or bus from the train station to the hospital. All of that is for ten minutes treatment, then I turn around and head back home. I would love to know if there are more doctors out there that perform radiotherapy for Dupuytren’s and Ledderhose in the UK because if they do they are not very well advertised and it might make many people’s lives easier if they could do it closer to home. Indeed my main reason for picking the UK over Germany was the logistics.

From what I hear the Germans have more experience at doing this procedure, especially on the foot, but it would have meant flying out there which to do twice would have worked out more that the price of treatment here. The maths is quite simple in that here it is £1750 plus a little but for travelling and a tiny amount for staying in the travel lodge once. In Germany it was £500 per treatment so £1000. You then have the added cost of flying out there twice for 2 people as my wife would certainly have come with me. You then have the cost of the room, probably 14 nights in total and then food and other expenses such as train to the airport etc which only costs a few pounds less than my ticket all the way to Guildford. Going to Germany for a little bit more experience didn’t seem worth it for the increased cost and increased hassle and I haven’t even mentioned getting someone to look after the cat yet (though I know the mother-in-law would have done that). It is worth noting that it is the exact same procedure as they use in Germany.

So far as I have said I have been very impressed with the service that I have had and I am just hoping that I get the result that I want. I am not sure if it is because of the reading online but my foot has felt a little but tingly and a little bit hot but that might all be in my head. Certainly feels a bit odd knowing that I am walking, well hobbling round with permanent pen on the bottom of my foot. 

I am sure that I don’t like the added stress of sitting on a train and not knowing if it is not moving because it is not supposed to be moving or if it is not moving because it is a delay is not good for me. I will try and take more pictures in or of the hospital today.