Thursday, 12 April 2012

Update on things:

Sorry I have not been able to do a big post over the last few days but I have been really busy at work as several things have come round at the same time that take extra time to get done. One down one to go on Monday. I am also busy working on another post with someone from the Dupuytren’s Forum as they have a long family history it is taking a while to put all of the data together but it is starting to get there now and hopefully we can finish this by the middle of next week. There are also a couple more people who I have sent questions to and I am awaiting a response which I understand takes times.
Things are not starting to feel any better. My foot still hurts and last night I again had to take the pain killers earlier than I wanted to because it was hurting a lot. To be honest the pain killers do work as the pain was reduced after taking them but they do make me drowsy. When I woke up this morning it was also hurting more than it has been recently. The difference? Work. For Easter I was off Thursday through to Tuesday and yesterday as the first day back and straight away the pain is at another level and I can feel it again today. In fact today it was bad enough that my wife noticed that my limp was more noticeable than normal and I also had to use the stick much more than normal. I am refusing to take the pain killers until a bit later as I would rather not fall asleep whilst heating up dinner for my wife.
The posters were also due to come today but unfortunately we were not in at the time they were meant to come but a neighbour signed for them and they look great. 
I will find the time to post a picture of the 5000 leaflets. If anyone wants one then let me know and I can pass a few on as long as you cover postage.
I am afraid that is all I have time to post today.