Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Radiotherapy for Ledderhose in the UK costs about £2000

Ok so there are several things that have happened today. I have heard back from 2 different Doctors in the UK who do treat Ledderhose disease with Radiotherapy in the UK. This is a good thing as it is nice to know that it can be treated here. Then I come on to the cost, one of them clearly specified that his prices were for 10 treatments over 2 months and so I am going to assume that the other guys price is also for the same thing, these prices were £2000 and £1750, so quite expensive.

I am not sure yet whether this is the best option, certainly with those prices when I know that there are more experienced people working on it in Germany which should hopefully only charge £500 and you can make a holiday of it, though I have heard that this might be per treatment and so with travel costs it will be quite a lot, meaning if that £1750, which is fairly local, is for both treatments then we might have to go with that, only problem is money.-- Note that it is £500 per treatment in Germany and £1750 for both weeks in the UK.

Still at least these 2 guys in the UK have got back to me pretty quick, one has even offered to do a free consultation and so I am going to see him on 25th April at his clinic to see if he thinks that I am suitable for the procedure. It will be nice to go and see someone who does this treatment and hopefully get some more information and who knows maybe by then my wife and family will have completed their run and raised millions of pounds.

In other news there are a couple of new names on the forum (one called JoNN who I think I might know) and a new story has also been posted, it is great to see that the forum is reaching more people and hopefully we can get a little community going who will be asking questions and hopefully as helpful as those on the Dupuytren's online forum (which I think may sometimes be harder to find as not everyone knows that Ledderhose is related to Dupuytren's so they might dismiss it).

Still it seems like this poor guy has had it come on quite quick and in all likelihood in response to some kind of trauma. He has had a steroid injection but in the wrong place and is currently getting some relief from orthotics which is good to hear. I wish this guy well and hope that his treatments go well. Of course in my usual style I will of course ask this new member if they are willing to share information on here so that it may help any future visiters. I do hopefully have a few more that people are working on it at the moment but I don't like to be pushy as afterall they don't have to do it and they have no incentive, well other than helping others, to motivate them to do the interviews.

Remember if there is a particular kind of post that you enjoy you can now vote (voting closed) on the right hand side and if this proves to be conclusive then I might try to focus my results towards the more popular subjects. You are also able to donate towards this blog, my treatment (which may cost £2000) and the British Dupuytren's Society by hitting the donate button which is also on the right hand side. In fact I know that I have had in the region of 700 unique vistors to this blog, so if every single one just donates £3 that is enough for radiotherapy in the UK. Anyway I am not going to be pushy about that becuase the chances are the a lot of the people reading this blog are in the same position as me and they need the money for their treatment as much as I need it for mine.

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