Thursday, 5 April 2012

My Day:

My day:

Ok so another boring personal post today, hopefully not too long after the huge one yesterday and the interview earlier today. So this morning we went to our local city so that my wife could try and get a new phone. To cut a long story short she has failed for now and it involved more walking that either of us were expecting and so my foot was numb by the time I got home (she went off to teach some driving lessons).

I spent most of the afternoon in bed or the kitchen, whilst laying in bed I could feel it but it was not too bad and whilst cooking I tried to use the little stool that I have which helps with taking weight off of my feet.

Why was I cooking I hear you all ask? No? Ok I'll tell you, I was cooking as I have grandparents coming over for dinner and cards. Which we will hopefully win as you don't need a good foot in order to win at cards. What did I cook for dinner, well it was a Gammon stew type thing with an apple pie (and custard) for afters. See the picture below to see how it came out, well almost as it was not quite cooked at that point.

On the left is the Gammon Stew and on the right the apple pie. 
I also made a trip up to the GP (about 5 minutes walk away) and I dropped off a letter asking them to give me my MRI pictures so that I am able to provide them for any of the specialists that might want to see them when they are thinking about giving me radiotherapy. I will post my MRI picture 1) If I get them and 2) If I can understand them and point out where the lump is, though the lump has grown quite a lot since these pictures were taken.

See I said it wouldn't be long.